Photo by Dianna Fast

Photo by Dianna Fast

"It's a delicious thing to write.  To be no longer yourself, but to move in an entire universe of your own creating."
-- George Gissing

As a child I became engrossed in many different worlds... Sarah Crewe's cruel old London; Nancy Drew's mysterious caves; Gay's 'romantic' Sunset Island; Laura Ingalls' pioneer prairies, and some delicious book where a girl had a volcano in her basement.. The more I read, the more I imagined myself in those places.  Before long I was imagining fascinating worlds of my own and creating characters to enjoy them with.  I started writing my own stories when I was about 11.  The first was a teen romance novel, but then the characters had to kiss and that was the end of romance writing for me!

My hopes of becoming a real author seemed bleak after that, until one day, much later in life, while reading to my class of preschoolers, I saw my future on the pages of a picture book. Actually, I saw a mischievous green monster in pajamas on the pages, but seeing it made me realize that picture books were fun – even more fun than kissing! I knew at that moment that I wanted to write my own picture books someday.

Of course, I didn’t get a book published right away. First I had to learn how to write well, then I had to practice, practice, practice. I wrote lots of stories for magazines first. Some of them were for children and appeared in magazines like Cricket and Keys for Kids; others were for teachers and parents which were published in magazines like Totline and Reader’s Digest. I even sold a magazine story to a television company in Japan who used it in a television show. That was fun!

I finally got my first picture book, Storm is Coming! published in 2002 by Dial Books for Young Readers. They found a great illustrator named Margaret Spengler who gave my characters faces and made the barnyard come to life. That book is now published in Korean, Italian and Spanish, as well. A few months later, Dial Books bought a second story, What’s that Awful Smell?, and not long after that, Herald Press bought my first middle grade novel, The Cost of Passage –still no kissing!

Since then, I've spent most of my time raising three great daughters, but I managed to publish one curriculum book about Canada and 4 board books for a Korean company in the following years.  Now, I'm writing again and have 1 new book  out (Stop Thief ! 2014 by Kids Can Press) and two more coming soon (Manners Are NOT For Monkeys!  2016 KCP  & Different? Same! KCP ).

One of my favourite things to do is to visit schools and talk to children about writing books. If you’d like to find out how to get me to your school, click here.

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Grades Prek - 3 Lesson Plans for both books available on the LESSON PLANS page of this site.

Grades Prek - 3 Lesson Plans for both books available on the LESSON PLANS page of this site.