A big part of what inspires me is talking with children.  Since my own daughters are almost grown, and I'm no longer teaching in a classroom, I would love the opportunity to visit yours.  My presentation is about 45 minutes and  geared to the primary grades, ideally grades 1-3, but I will adjust the presentation to suit any class from K to 7.  I will also speak to high school students, but the content will be quite different which might mean slightly higher rates if I need to create a new presentation.  In most cases, I can be very flexible to work within your particular classroom needs and produce the presentation that works best for your students.

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    Photos by Ryan Evans

    Photos by Ryan Evans

    Photos by Ryan Evans

    Photos by Ryan Evans


The content of my presentation is interactive, showing students how to come up with writing ideas and how an idea eventually becomes a book...with a pointed references toward how grateful they should be when teachers correct their work! I always end with an 'ask and tell' time where I'll get inspired and hopefully your students will too!  

According to the standards set by the Children's Writers and Illustrators of BC (CWILL) the cost of my first session is $200 for local visits (Surrey, Delta, Langley, Whiterock, Abbotsford).  I will speak to 3 classes or up to 90 children in one session. Subsequent sessions on the same day will be $100 each. Special arrangements could possibly be made for special circumstances.

High School Classes interested in Creative Writing or Career Exploration might benefit from a more casual Question and Answer time at a rate of $75/class

For Kindergarten Classes,  I generally find a story time and question and answer period in for 30-45 minutes is most effective. $75 

Travel expenses might be required for schools outside my local range.

Please look into grant options as there is sometimes money available to schools to host author visits and buy their books.  I do not sell books at my presentations (I prefer to give business to the local bookstores), but i will provide signed bookmarks for students and can sign any books that are brought to the presentation.  If it's important to students to have signed books, I recommend purchasing them ahead of time and setting aside some time for that.  No charge for that time, as long as it's not too excessive.

To discuss an author visit contact me at: heather@tekavec.com