Everything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And someday you can use it in some story
— Tapani Bagge

Do you know why real people make bad models for good fiction? 

Do you know where you should never use a cliffhanger?

Do you know how to write a proposal that won't make editors angry?

Do you have a story that's aching to be told?

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Writing is an art form, like any other, that combines natural talent with learned skill. Many people with natural writing talent never learn the skill required to turn their gift and passion into a viable career.

I am offering a ten-week fiction-writing course where you can learn some basic writing skills and tricks of the trade, with short assignments to help you practice what you've learned.  Lessons will include guidance on getting published.

The cost of the course is $200 dollars which will include all the writing lessons, assignments (marked), marketing advice and training, as well as an open line of communication with me in the future to answer all your publishing questions...until you're a seasoned author yourself!

contact me at heather@tekavec.com